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Free Download Manager
Free Download Manager
WinZip Archive tool, easy to use 1.71 8.1
Get Right Download manager, fully featured 2.11 4.5d
Cute FTP Best FTP program for uploading files 1.69 4.2
Ad Aware Clean you computer from ads and spy ware 0.871 5.83
Acdsee  Popular image viewer 10.8 4.7
Cable modem status Get speed and packet transfers from your cable connection 2.62  
QuickTime Multimedia player from people who made Apple 0.505 5
Hot CPU Test your CPU for fault tolerance under distress 0.701  
IP-Tools Get a good description of IP addresses and lot more details 1.12 2.08
RegClean Clean your registry regularly, good tool from Microsoft 0.773 4.1
VNC Remotely operate another computer over network or internet. 0.978  
DynDns Turn your dynamic IP into static IP address 1.19  
Wireless tool Check the strength of your wireless gateway signal 2.85  
Email Inspector Check your email on the mail sever before they reach you, good for avoiding virus. 1.65 3.1
Process Explorer Allows you to terminate any running process. 0.332 8.10
Free Download Manager The latest download and search  manager. 1.54 2.423
Real Player The latest media player 7.96 2.0 Gold
SpyBot Search & Destroy Latest spy ware eliminator, it finds spy ware and gets rid of them 2.61 1.1
Second Copy Easy to use backup software that works in the background and is effective 1.1 6.2
Sawmill Tool to process your log files and see who is visiting your site.
10.9 6.4.6
Firmware downloads for Australian DSL firewalls    
D-Link Site
D-Link DSL-504 Firmware
D-Link DSL-500 Firmware
D-Link DI-804HV Firmware

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