Technical Support


Need help to configure you e-mail client server? Here is how:

You can check you email using browser when you are out of office. Just point your browser to the following address:

This will open a secure browser look like Hot Mail and allows you to send, receive and read your e-mail.

Your IP address is:

How to view the log file and see who visits your site?

Download and install a program called Sawmill from our download page, then click the following link to configure it:

How to configure Sawmill?


How to protect your PC? 3 easy steps from Microsoft.


Clean your registry live over the internet:

One easy way to clean your registry and unwanted files from your machine. to start click here, then click "OPEN" on the next window. This is a shareware. No need for installation.

From Microsoft one of the best registry cleaners, to start click here, then click "OPEN" on the next window.


Vulnerable Ports Remote control support



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