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Just one

Storage/ Sever/ Video Editing

Very powerful server well configured for reliability and speed. Just add more hard disk into it or increase the RAM or just add another CPU when you feel need it. It is designed for future expansions and reliability.

It can be tailored to your needs.

Single AMD Athlon 2000+

ASUS A7A 266 Motherboard

IBM 9 GB SCSI Hard Disk

SCSI Raid controller card for storage

You can add more SCSI hard drives internal or external as a rack server

ASUS GeForce2 MX 400 Video Card

256 MB RAM PC 133

17" LG Monitor

Screwless case

52x CD Rom, Keyboard, mouse, Speakers

*****Installed and configured*****

(Sydney Metro)


Dual AMD Athlon 1900+

ASUS A7M266 Motherboard

Single or Dual CPU (you can add the second CPU later)

19" SONY Monitor

Sony 24X CD Writer

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