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LINKSYS - Wireless-G Broadband Router

  • All-in-one Internet-sharing Router, 4-port Switch, and Wireless-G (802.11g) Access Point
  • Wireless data rates up to 54Mbps -- 5 times faster than Wireless-B (802.11b)
  • Shares a single Internet connection and other resources with Ethernet wired and Wireless-G clients
  • Also interoperates with Wireless-B devices (at 11Mbps)
  • Advanced wireless security with 128-bit WEP encryption, MAC or IP address filtering

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Linksys Wireless-G Access Point WAP54G - Wireless access point - 802.11b, 802.11g

Wireless-G is the upcoming 54Mbps wireless networking standard that's almost five times faster than the widely deployed Wireless-B (802.11b) products found in homes, businesses, and public wireless hotspots around the country - but since they share the same 2.4GHz radio band, Wireless-G devices can also work with existing 11Mbps Wireless-B equipment. The Linksys Wireless-G Access Point lets you connect Wireless-G or Wireless-B devices to the network. Since both standards are built in, you can protect your investment in existing 802.11b infrastructure, and migrate your network clients to the new screaming fast Wireless-G standard as your needs grow. To protect your data and privacy, the Wireless-G Access Point can encrypt all wireless transmissions. The MAC Address filter lets you decide exactly who has access to your wireless network. Configuration is a snap with the web browser-based configuration utility. Future-proof your wireless network with the Linksys Wireless-G Access Point. You'll enjoy Wireless-B connectivity today, and be prepared for a high-speed Wireless-G tomorrow.



Linksys Wireless-G USB Adapter WUSB54G - Network adapter - Hi-Speed USB - 802.11b, 802.11g

The easy way to connect your desktop or notebook to a high-speed wireless network Connect your USB-equipped desktop or notebook computer to a wireless network at incredible speeds with the Linksys Wireless-G USB Network Adapter. By incorporating two new, blazing fast technologies - USB 2.0 and Wireless-G - the Adapter delivers data rates up to 54Mbps (5 times as fast as 802.11b), without the trouble of opening up the case of your desktop computer. To install, simply plug the Adapter into any available USB port. (It's compatible with both USB 1.1 and 2.0 ports, but 2.0 will yield the fastest speeds.) It gets its power through the USB connection, so no power cord is necessary. The included Setup Wizard walks you through configuring the Adapter to your wireless network settings, step by step. The Wireless-G USB Network Adapter is also compatible with the Wireless-B (802.11b) network standard, with data rates up to 11Mbps. And your wireless communications can be protected by 128-bit encryption, so your data stays secure. The Wireless-G USB Network Adapter's high-gain antenna lets you put your computer almost anywhere in the building, without the cost and hassle of running cables. Now you don't have to drill holes in your walls and climb through the attic or cellar to get connected to the network. Once you're connected, you can keep in touch with your e-mail, access the Internet, use instant messaging to chat with friends, and share files and other resources such as printers and hard disk storage space with other computers on the network. So don't hassle with running cables through your house - get connected the easy way with the Wireless-G USB Network Adapter.



Linksys Instant Wireless Wireless Ethernet Bridge WET11 - Wireless network converter - Ethernet - 802.11b

The versatile Wireless Ethernet Bridge can make any wired Ethernet-equipped device a part of your wireless network. At home, use the Wireless Ethernet Bridge to connect game consoles, set-top boxes, or computers into your wireless network to share your high-speed network connection. In the office, convert your Ethernet-wired printer, scanner, camera, notebook or desktop into a wireless networked device. It's completely driver-free, so it works on any platform and under any operating system! Since there are no drivers to load, setup is a snap - just plug it into your device and configure the network settings through your web browser. You can also use the Wireless Ethernet Bridge as a kind of "cable-less cable" to connect remote areas together. Maybe Shipping is all the way across the warehouse from Receiving. Or maybe you want to set up a home office in your detached garage. With a Wireless Ethernet Bridge in the garage, and another one (or a Wireless Access Point) in the house, you're connected - with no cabling hassle.

DSL-604+ ADSL Router with built-in modem 22Mb Wireless and 4-port switch
The DSL-604+ Remote ADSL Router is a versatile all-in-one networking device that provides high-speed broadband Internet connection, wireless user access and dedicated LAN bandwidth server connection. Designed to link a branch office to a corporate network or to the Internet, this device incorporates a built-in broadband ADSL interface, IP packet routing capability, cost-saving Internet functions, wireless LAN access and Fast Ethernet server switch ports, all in one compact-sized box.

Industry standards

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DWL-520+ D-Link DWL-520+ AirPlus 22Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter
The D-Link AirPlus DWL-520+ is an enhanced 802.11b wireless PCI adapter featuring advanced silicon chip design from Texas Instruments that utilizes their patented Digital Signal ProcessingTM technology. The DWL-520+ is fully compatible with the IEEE 802.11b standard making it interoperable with all existing 802.11b compliant devices. When the DWL-520+ is connected to standard 802.11b devices, transfer rates can be up to 20% faster. When connected to other D-Link AirPlus products, the performance is even greater up to 22Mbps!

The DWL-520+ also features 256-bit WEP encryption that provides you a higher level of security for your data and communication.

Industry standards

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