Paperless Office


Paperless medical centers and nursing homes are inevitable and upon us. We can tackle this task and make your office paperless at no time. You can receive blood test results electronically (where services are provided by test centers), enter patient's information including prescriptions, diagnostics, test results, and many more into the system so doctors can have access to them by a click of a button without any paper file is handed in. Paper files will be redundant after a period of time.

Any information and test results are scanned into the computer at arrival and being available for immediate access by authorized personnel.

We offer service for surgeries, medical centers of any size, physiotherapy, and nursing homes.

To find out how you can make your office paperless please contact us on:

Phone: 02 - 9809 0001 Fax: 02 - 9809 0005 or email:

We need to know about your current system to see how we can integrate the new system to your current one.


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